The Three Things I’ll NEVER Stop Missing About Toombs County, Georgia

The Whippoorwill’s and The Chuck Will’s Widow’s. And how you can truly smell the rain coming - one of the prettiest smells on earth !!


Chuck Will’s Widow

Eastern Whippoorwill Bird Audio - Bird Song Recorded


Chuck Will's Widow Bird Audio - Bird Song Recorded

Chuck Will’s Widow


Chuck-will’s-widow (Caprimulgus carolinensis) - photo by Nathan Farnau

 Another, It’s a Southern “Thang” . Chuck Will’s Widow is very often misconstrued as the Whippoorwill. They are very different indeed. Although cousins in species their songs greatly differ. Also just a purely magical song.
It’s a Southern “Thang” . The Whippoorwill . Their songs are magic. Pure Magic !

Plate 82 of The Birds of America by John Audubon, the Whip-poor-will. If there was a contest for coolest looking brown bird all nightjars would be in contention. They appear to have tiny little beaks, but when they open their mouths they’re enormous. They also appear to (and actually have) feet that are ridiculously small for the size of the bird. Best of all, their camouflage, and ability to sit perfectly still, means you can pass within feet of them and never see it. It’s safe to say a lot more people have heard whip-poor-wills than seen them. 

Whip-Poor-Will, 1897

Gustave Dore, Andromeda. 1869, oil on canvas. Private collection.